The background on Astrocart.

Welcome to Astrocart, the UK's newest eCommerce platform. Astrocart was born out of sheer determination to fix what was broken in the world of online shopping platforms. After years of dealing with the hassles of existing platforms—like the never-ending need to add apps for basic features, and the all-too-common issues that come with them—we decided it was time for a change. Astrocart is our solution: a platform designed from the ground up to make everything better for online stores.

Our focus? Speed. We’ve built Astrocart to ensure that every site running on our platform passes Google's Core Web Vitals with flying colours. Why? Because we know that a fast-loading site is key to keeping customers happy and boosting sales. And speaking of boosting sales, we've also crafted a suite of marketing tools designed to help you sell more, easier.

One thing we're especially proud of is that all our apps and themes are developed in-house. This means not only top-notch quality but also that everything works together seamlessly. We believe in providing a premium experience, and that starts with premium code and compatibility.

At Astrocart, we bring more than 20 years of experience in development with a core focus on eCommerce. Our journey in eCommerce began when we developed our own platform, seeking to overcome the limitations we saw in others. Our expertise isn’t just in building platforms; We are digital marketing experts, We offer Google & Meta paid ads, SEO, Email marketing and much more.

The drive to create Astrocart came from the shared challenges and frustrations with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. The complexity and costs of integrating multiple marketing tools only added to the frustration. Astrocart stands as our answer to these challenges—a comprehensive, streamlined solution designed to empower businesses and reshape the eCommerce landscape.

Join us on this journey to make eCommerce better for everyone.

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